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Travel Ball Winter Facility Schedule

Click here to view or download the 2019 Travel Ball Winter School Schedule. If you have any questions, please contact your coach or your team's schedule. 

Force 13u Blue

Frankfort Force 13U Blue is looking for 1 player to complete their 2019 roster.  Please contact manager Lou Pinto at loushairishot@gmail.com for details. 

by posted 03/13/2019
Volunteer Opportunities


Opportunities are available to earn your volunteer refund.

Click here to sign up for one or more of these events and complete your volunteer duty early! You must get an email confirmation to be successfully signed up for a volunteer opportunity. Please only click once on the assign tab otherwise you can remove yourself if you click twice. 

Click here to bring this Volunteer Deposit Redemption Card with you to get signed in order to get your refund! No card, no refund. 

If you go to the page and it is empty, all of the volunteer spots have been filled unless someone cancels.

by posted 03/06/2019
8u Eagles

8u Eagles are seeking 2 players to round out the 2019 roster.  Please contact Manager , or Travel Director for more information.

by posted 03/06/2019
Fields Closed!

All baseball fields at Main Park, Borg Warner and Commissioners Park are CLOSED until further notice!  Even if the weather looks favorable, the fields are closed until the Board, Grounds Crew and our outside grounds vendor approve the usage of the fields.  Considerable work has been performed before the winter and will continue in the spring that we wish not to damage until ready.  All Force, Eagles and in house teams must stay off all of the fields, no exceptions, until further notice.  Usage during this time and/or damages will be acted upon by the FBB Board!

by posted 01/01/2019
Eagles 28u looking for players

Our Eagles 28u team is looking for 2 pitchers and 1 outfielder.  Ages between 17-28.  Preferably current or former college or high school players. If you would like more information about this team, please contact Scott Kendrick at 

by posted 12/18/2018
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Spring Registration is NOW OPEN!

Welcome to Frankfort Baseball!

Below is a brief description of the different divisions we offer within Frankfort Baseball. Frankfort Baseball offers a baseball program designed to provide the opportunity for our players to build their skills in a fun, relaxed environment.  Generally, practices begin in April and games begin in May and end by July 1st. Teams are assigned in March. Managers will contact players when practices begin in early spring. Frankfort Baseball provides a hat, jersey and socks to players in Shetland, I6, I7, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco leagues. Players are responsible for baseball pants and cleats.  Please wait until you are assigned a team before purchasing your pants.  

For the 2019 and 2020 seasons, Frankfort Baseball has added a $50 Capital Fund Fee. This fee was established for the future safety of our players, coaches, and spectators at our Ball fields. These additional funds will be used strictly to refurbish all dugouts ,replace fencing and netting at our Main Park fields. We will be communicating the entire plan in future emails to all Frankfort Baseball Families.

As in the past, fees must be paid via credit card at the time of registration. Our website lists all the fees. Save money now and register before the holiday bills pile up! Payment for registration fees and refundable volunteer fee are required at time of registration. If payment is not made at the time of registration, the registration is automatically deleted.

During the 2016 PONY International Board of Directors meeting, a decision was reached to change the date for determining player eligibility from April 30 to August 31. The rule change will take effect at the start of the 2018 PONY Baseball season. This decision was reached after careful consideration of input from leagues, parents, coaches and other sources important in the decision-making process. By making our program younger, all players will be competing on a level playing field. This change will ensure all PONY participants will play in their true age group. Click here for more info!

Below is a brief description of the different divisions we offer within Frankfort Baseball. If you have any questions or for any "play up" requests, please send an email to Brad Baker, Player Personnel Director at   

Click here to register now

The Shetland Division is for players that are 5 years old as of 08/31/2019. The Shetland division is a T-ball division. At this level players are introduced to the very basics of baseball. This league does not keep score or record outs and uses a continuous batting order where every player bats every inning. A softer safety baseball is used.
The Instructional 6 (I6) Division is for players that are 6 years old as of 08/31/2019. At this level players continue their basic skill development in a purely instructional format, where coaches pitch to the players. This league does not keep score, but outs are recorded. Rules are modified for the youngsters to incorporate fun with player development appropriate for this age group. A softer safety baseball is used.
The Instructional 7 (I7) Division is for players that are 7 years old as of 08/31/2019. At this level players continue their basic skill development in a purely instructional format. This league does not keep score, but outs are recorded. At this level coaches pitch the first half of the season with the players being introduced to pitching during the second half of the season. Rules are modified for the youngsters to incorporate fun with player development appropriate for this age group. A softer safety baseball is used.
The Pinto Division is for players that are 8 years old as of 08/31/2019. At this level players are exposed to more facets of the game of baseball, including pitching, walks, extra-base hits and use of a regulation baseball. There are some Rules that are modified for the youngsters to incorporate fun with player development appropriate for this age group.
The Mustang Division is for players that are 9 or 10 as of 08/31/2019. The Mustang Division players make a big step towards a more complete level of baseball. It is a competitive division, where umpires call the game and scores and league standings are kept. Stealing is allowed only after the pitch has reached the batter. Games are pitched entirely by the players.
The Bronco Division is for players that are 11 or 12 as of 08/31/2019. The Bronco Division is where you begin to play more competitive baseball and follow the rules of Major League Baseball closely. Players are allowed to lead-off and steal from all bases, and the diamond is now 70 feet. Managers have the opportunity to execute the finer tactics of advanced baseball.
The Pony Division is for players that are 13 or 14 as of 08/31/2019. The Pony Division is a competitive division best characterized by fewer players, fewer teams, and bigger fields. By now the players should have an understanding of the rules of the game and acquired the skills and attitude necessary for a more competitive game of baseball. Regular Major League rules are used. The diamond is now 80 feet. Emphasis is placed not only on individual skill development, but, also on team strategies. Players will adjust to larger fields, stronger defenses, and more experienced pitchers and are motivated by their eagerness to play baseball.
The Colt Division is for players that are 15 or 16 as of 08/31/2019. The Colt Division is a competitive division played on a Major League sized field.
The Palomino Division is for players that are 17 or 18  as of 04/30/2019. The Palomino Division is a competitive division played on a Major League sized field.   
COLLEGIATE The Collegiate Division is for players that are 19 thru 28 as of 04/30/2019. The Collegiate Division is a competitive division played on a Major League sized field.  



by posted 10/15/2018
2018 Summer Sizzle Tournament




Tournament Photos

2018 Summer Sizzle - Eagles 9u 2nd place10u Champions - Frankfort Square Raptors9u Champions - Oak Park Eagles8u Champions - Homewood Hawks11u Champions - Channahan12u Champions - Flossmoor Firebirds

by posted 07/16/2018
2018 Champions

Congratulations to our 2018 Champions

Pinto - Giants

Mustang - Tigers

Bronco - Royals

Pony - Mokena Cubs

by posted 07/06/2018

Below you will find photos of our
2018 Travel Tournament Champions & Placers

2018 9u Eagles - 2nd place Homewood Invite2018 Summer Sizzle - Eagles 9u 2nd placeForce 10u Elite - 2nd place GLYSE July Blowout - Lynwood2018 Frankfort Force Black 9U - Silver Series Championships - Champaign, IL - 2nd place2018 Little Cubs Freeport Tourney Champions Force 8u2018 Team Exposure Playing for a Cure Memorial Tournament Champions Force 11u2018 Frankfort Force 14u Blue Spring Classic Champions2018 Frankfort Force 12u Black Spring Classic Champions2018 Frankfort Force 10u Elite Spring Classic Champions2018 Force Elite 10u - 2nd place St Johns Mother's DayForce 12U Black team - 2nd place Oak Forest Mother’s Day tournament2018 Force 14u Blue - Southside Silver Showdown Champions2018 Force Black 11u - Stars of Tomorrow Champions2018 Force Elite 10U - Deep Dish Champions Game Day in Midlothian

by posted 06/18/2018
2018 All Star Day

Please join us as we celebrate our All Stars on Saturday, June 9th 

Main Park

1:30 p.m. Pinto game on Main E
1:30 p.m. Mustang game on Main D
1:30 p.m. Bronco game on Main B

Full Concessions will be available.
Immediately following the games will be our Frankfort Baseball Celebration!

Congratulations to all of our All Stars!!!

Click here to download the All Star list

American League Central     Everyone Else
Lucas Ankarlo Royals Player   Jacob Broderick Cubs Player
Mike Askren Royals Coach   Kevan Jedlowski Cubs Player
Henry Bohms Royals Player   Dave Rigoni Cubs Coach
Andrew Hunt Royals Player   Ben Rigoni Cubs Player
Ben Kelly Royals Player   Jack Spruill Cubs Player
Jaden Kent Royals Player   Dean Burns Giants Player
Kaden Becker  Tigers Player   Nicholas Doornkaat Giants Player
Jacob Bunch Tigers Player   Jonathon Jalcovik Giants Player
Ben Cluckey Tigers Player   Alex Kolesar Giants Coach
Ryan Cluckey Tigers Coach   Travis Kolesar Giants Player
Brody Cosgrove White Sox Player   Matthew De La Mora Red Sox Player
Daniel Dwyer White Sox Player   Jack Doyle Red Sox Player
Kyle Owens White Sox Coach   Bill Noble Red Sox Manager
Vincent Owens White Sox Player   Will Noble Red Sox Player
Mason Waddick White Sox Player   Julian Yanong Red Sox Player
American League   National League
Matt Britt Red Sox Coach   Chase Dominy Cubs Player
Owen Britt Red Sox Player   Jack Dominy Cubs Coach
Brody Gish Red Sox Player   Jacob Onik Cubs Player
Ben Mitchell Royals Player   Zackary Zajac Cubs Player
Chase Riechers Royals Player   Will Best Giants Player
Vince Riechers Royals Coach   Mike Sambo Giants Player
Quinn Watson Royals Player   Ethan Stabrawa Giants Player
Jeremy Bogner Tigers Player   Ben Bacon Pirates Player
Nate Pangallo Tigers Player   Steve Bacon Pirates Manager
Gunnar Thormeyer Tigers Player   Jerry Donnelly Pirates Player
Al Ulcigrai Tigers Manager   Karson Kuzlik Pirates Player
Lorenzo Ulcigrai Tigers Player   Elias Facuse Reds Player
Zachary Ankarlo White Sox Player   Joey Kwilose Reds Player
James Nepkin White Sox Player   Jeff Kwilose Reds Coach
Sean Powers White Sox Player   Joey Levy Reds Player
Blue Team   Red Team
Jackson Cummings Cubs Player   Brad Baker Cubs Coach
Paul Greenawalt Cubs Coach   Tyler Groen Cubs Player
Landon Greenawalt Cubs Player   Faisal Kherwish Cubs Player
David Ho Cubs Player   Jim Hurley Red Sox Coach
Steve Arnold Red Sox Coach   Austin Cavanaugh Red Sox Player
Korey Cagnolatti Red Sox Player   Declan Hurley Red Sox Player
Finneran Hughes Red Sox Player   Rick Staack Royals Coach
Tony Flories Royals Coach   Jacob Blakely Royals Player
Christopher Pagliarulo Royals Player   Logan Bultinck Royals Player
Finnegan Warner Royals Player   Sam Janowski Tigers Coach
Michael Lombardo Tigers Player   Aaron Dryfhout Tigers Player
Joe Schley Tigers Coach   Maxim Larsen-Carr Tigers Player
Michael Schley Tigers Player   Stephen Webster White Sox Coach
Andy Clemmons White Sox Coach   Liam Treacy White Sox Player
Justin Falejczyk White Sox Player   Aiden White White Sox Player
Colin Keener White Sox Player          


by posted 06/06/2018
2018 Spring Classic


Dates: Wednesday May 16th to Sunday May 20th

Tournament schedule, scores and standings!

Congratulations to our Tournament Champions!

2018 Lockport Cobras 9u Spring Classic Champion2018 Illinois Celtics 11u Spring Classic Champions2018 Frankfort Force 14u Blue Spring Classic Champions2018 MP Express 13u Spring Classic Champions2018 Frankfort Force 12u Black Spring Classic Champions2018 Frankfort Force 10u Elite Spring Classic Champions2018 New Lenox Rebels 8u Spring Classic Champions

by posted 05/21/2018
2018 Spring Classic Tournament


Home Run Derby



2018 Spring Classic Home Run Derby 14u<br><br>1st.  Devon DeNava, Downers Grove Dragons<br>2nd.  Tynan Chamberlin.  Frankfort Force Blue<br>3rd. Andrew Miritello.  Frankfort Force Grey

by posted 05/10/2018
Illegal Bats


Click on the image below for a list of illegal bats!


by posted 05/09/2018
HEADS UP to Youth Sports

HEADS UP to Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The HEADS UP initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

Click here for more info

by posted 04/08/2016
New park district ordinance

The Frankfort Park District enacted an ordinance effective March 14, 2014, prohibiting the use and possession of tobacco products on park district fields. Please be aware of this and inform your families and friends that come to the park. 

by posted 04/03/2014
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