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Equipment Return

To All Managers and Coaches,

Equipment Return for ALL TEAMS is Saturday, August 27, 2016 between 8:30am - 11:00am. 

RT 45 Storage Facility, 22001 S. 104th Ave. Frankfort, IL 60423, 815-464-0707.Located at Rt. 45 and Sangmeister (Vans Dr.). South of Nebraska, North of Laraway Rd.

If you can not make it, please send another representative from your team!

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Fall Ball Registration is Now Open

IS NOW OPEN FOR 2016 Fall Season!

Below is a brief description of the different divisions we offer within Frankfort Baseball for our Fall Ball Season. Frankfort Baseball offers a fall baseball program designed to provide the opportunity for our players to continue to build their skills in a fun, relaxed environment. Teams will be formed in mid to late August and the season will consist of 10-12 games playing against teams from Frankfort as well as other neighboring towns. The season will begin either late August or beginning of September and be completed by mid-to-late October depending on age division. Players sign up for the age division they plan to play next spring. Frankfort Baseball provides a hat, jersey and socks to players in Pinto, Mustang and Bronco leagues. Players are responsible for baseball pants and cleats.  Please wait until you are assigned a team before purchasing your pants. Pants may be purchased at Actions Sports. Action Sports is a proud supplier to Frankfort Baseball! If you have any questions, please contact Scott Kendrick, Fall Ball Director at 

Teams will be formed around August 21st. Practices will begin around August 24th. League Games begin Sept 6th


Click here to register now

The Instructional 7 (I7) Division is for players that are 7 years old as of 04/30/2017. At this level players continue their basic skill development in a purely instructional format. This league does not keep score, but outs are recorded. At this level coaches pitch the first half of the season with the players being introduced to pitching during the second half of the season. Rules are modified for the youngsters to incorporate fun with player development appropriate for this age group. A softer safety baseball is used.

The Pinto Division is for players that are 8 years old as of 04/30/2017. At this level players are exposed to more facets of the game of baseball, including pitching, walks, extra-base hits and use of a regulation baseball. There are some Rules that are modified for the youngsters to incorporate fun with player development appropriate for this age group.
The Mustang Division is for players that are 9 or 10 as of 04/30/2017. The Mustang Division players make a big step towards a more complete level of baseball. It is a competitive division, where umpires call the game and scores and league standings are kept. Stealing is allowed only after the pitch has reached the batter. Games are pitched entirely by the players.
The Bronco Division is for players that are 11 or 12 as of 04/30/2017. The Bronco Division is where you begin to play more competitive baseball and follow the rules of Major League Baseball closely. Players are allowed to lead-off and steal from all bases, and the diamond is now 70 feet. Managers have the opportunity to execute the finer tactics of advanced baseball.
The Pony Division is for players that are 13 or 14 as of 04/30/2017. The Pony Division is a competitive division best characterized by fewer players, fewer teams, and bigger fields. By now the players should have an understanding of the rules of the game and acquired the skills and attitude necessary for a more competitive game of baseball. Regular Major League rules are used. The diamond is now 80 feet. Emphasis is placed not only on individual skill development, but, also on team strategies. Players will adjust to larger fields, stronger defenses, and more experienced pitchers and are motivated by their eagerness to play baseball.
The Colt Division is for players that are 15 or 16 as of 04/30/2017. The Colt Division is a competitive division played on a Major League sized field.
The Palomino Division is for players that are 17, 18, or 19  as of 04/30/2017. The Palomino Division is a competitive division played on a Major League sized field.   



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2016 Summer Sizzle



Click here for the schedule, scores, rules, forms and field status information for the 2016 Summer Sizzle Tournament

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Volunteer Refund Schedule

Last date for volunteer refund. If you can not make it, you may send family, friends or teammates.  Just have them bring your card with them.  No card no refund. If you miss this date, you will lose your refund. 

06/19/2016   6:30pm - 8:00pm  Commissioners Park 
06/29/2016   4:30pm - 5:15pm Commissioners Park
07/09/2016   9:00am - 11:00am Commissioners Park

Click here to print your blank volunteer for signature.

Please make sure you bring your SIGNED Volunteer Card with you.  NO REFUNDS will be given without a SIGNED Volunteer card. 

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2016 League Champions

Congratulations to the following 2016 League Champions




Frankfort White

Frankfort Champions Lincoln-Way Area Champions


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Below you will find photos of our
2016 Travel Tournament Placers

On the 4th of July weekend, the 13U Force Blue captured the championship of the New Lenox Silver Series Tournament. After playing for a 1-1 record in pool play on Saturday, the team was seeded #6 out of 14 teams. In bracket play on Sunday, the team went 4-0 with wins over the #7, #3, #2 & #1 seeds in the 13U bracket. In the championship game, the Force run ruled the #1 seed team Oak Forest Blue Demons, whom up to that point in 3 games had only allowed 5 runs total. The team had tournament totals of 62 runs scored while only allowing 17 in six games played.Force 12u - 2nd place at Christmas In June at Schaumburg, ILForce 10U Black takes 3rd place with a record of 4-1 in the Oswego Cobras Baseball Tournament June 24-26.2016 Spring Classic Frankfort Force 9u Blue - 2nd PlaceFrankfort Force Black - 9U<br>Runner-UP<br>Twin City Classic, Berrien Springs, Michigan<br>April 30 & May 1Force 10U Black 2nd place in the Twin Cities Travel Baseball Tournament in Berrien Springs, MI the weekend of April 29.Force 9U Blue - 2nd Place - Team Exposure Double Diamonds Invite

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2016 All Stars

2016 I7 National League All Stars

2016 Pinto All Stars

2016 Bronco Blue All Stars

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2016 All Star Sunday

Please join us as we celebrate our All Stars on Sunday, June 19th 

Commissioners Park

3:45 p.m. National Anthem and Introduction of Players
4:00 p.m. 7 year old game on C2
4:00 p.m. 9 &10 year old game on C4
6:45 p.m. National Anthem and Introduction of Players
7:00 p.m. 8 year old game on C2
7:00 p.m. 11-12 year old game on C3

Full Concessions will be available

Click here to download the All Star list


2016 All Stars
American League   National League
Weston Ruzich Astros   Johnny Cuillen Cardinals
Jimmy Hellrung Astros   Chase Riechers Cardinals
Vejas Soliunas Astros   Michael Simonetti Cardinals
Robert Ruzich - Coach Astros   Mark Simonetti - Coach Cardinals
Colin O'Connor Rangers   Aaron Stauffacher Cubs
Jonathan Skopek Rangers   Joey Peltx Cubs
Nolan Regas Rangers   Jackson Hunniford Cubs
Kevin Regas - Coach Rangers   Michael Hunniford - Coach Cubs
Mike Sambo White Sox   Rocco Triolo Dodgers
Nathan Reiss White Sox   Zach Westerberg Dodgers
Liam Gallagher White Sox   Grady Bickett Dodgers
Anthony Sambo - Coach White Sox   Greg Westerberg - Coach Dodgers
Ronan Treacy Yankees   Cooper Johnson Giants
Jimmy Kramer Yankees   Cameron Klene Giants
Justus Haberkorn Yankees   Evan Riiff Giants
Greg Metschke - Coach Yankees   Paul Johnson - Coach Giants
American League   National League
Andy Bessette - Manager Rangers   Jeff Polomsky - Coach Cardinals
Matthew Muehlnickel Rangers   Langdon Oldenburg Cardinals
Owen Askren Rangers   Danny Erick Cardinals
Joey Levy Rangers   Evan Polomsky Cardinals
Ben Bessette Rangers   Mike Connors - Manager Cubs
Matt Harper - Coach White Sox   John Hellrung Cubs
Tommy Gouwens White Sox   Jake Degroot Cubs
Aiden Jedlowski White Sox   Gavin Gonzalez Cubs
Patrick Leone White Sox   Matt Benn Cubs
Mac McGuire - Coach Yankees   Joel Tosi - Coach Dodgers
Austin Assink Yankees   Jake Newman Dodgers
Will Bausa Yankees   Brandon Zielke Dodgers
Jake Otsby Yankees   Nate Pangallo Dodgers
Max  McGuire Yankees        
American League   National League
Zac Welker Giants   Nate Gaines Astros
Joey Hearn Giants   Kyle Arnold Astros
John Peccia Giants   Andrw Arnold Astros
Steve Welker - Coach Giants   Steve Arnold - Coach Astros
Brandon Szott Rangers   Justin Falejczyk Cardinals
Michael O'Brien Rangers   Declan Paschen Cardinals
Tommy O'Brien Rangers   Ryan Janowski Cardinals
Mike O'Brien - Coach Rangers   Sam Janowski Cardinals
Andrew Basie White Sox   Eojn Kenny Cubs
Drew Clarkin White Sox   Kyle White Cubs
Will Pangallo White Sox   Aiden White Cubs
Chris Pagliarulo White Sox   Isaac Vroom Dodgers
Bill  Clarkin - Coach White Sox   Kyle Frazier Dodgers
Michael  Maharas Yankees   Zach Miller Dodgers
Connor Brewer Yankees   Craig Miller Dodgers
Cash  Ferrer Yankees        
Blue Allstars     Red Allstars  
Patrick Jungles Cards   Giovanii Gonzalez Cards
Johnny Ruppel Cards   George Kekatos Cards
Eddie Trauscht Cards   Shane Romberg Cubs
Tim Trauscht - Coach Coach   Henry Slager Cubs
Kevin Daly Cubs   Jimmy Curtin Dodgers
Lincoln Haberkorn Cubs   David Joyce Dodgers
Adam Paul Dodgers   Josh Boylan White Sox
Jack Wills Dodgers   Tyler Skrzynski White Sox
Jimmy Ferneau White Sox   Declan  Crowley Yankees
Tyler Panozzo White Sox   Andrew Miritello Yankees
Joe Panozzo - Manager White Sox   Phil Miritello - Manager Yankees
John Strzelczyck White Sox   Alan Ulcigrai Yankees
Joey  Glennon Yankees   Al Ulcigrai - Coach Yankees
Ben Malcolm Yankees        


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2016 Pitch, Hit & Run Winners


Pitch Cole Rimsnider
Hit Kayden Dercacy
Run Julian Yanong
Overall Cole Rimsnider

Pitch Bryson Das & Alex Langlois
Hit Ian Tosi
Run Colin O'Connor
Overall Colin O'Connor

Pitch Drew Arnold
Hit Cash Ferrie
Run Kyle Arnold
Overall Kyle Arnold

Pitch Nathan Simms
Hit Matthew Dercacy
Run Nathan Simms
Overall Nathan Simms

Participant Raffle
Kiernan Hannigan

by posted 05/25/2016
2016 Spring Cassic



Congratulations to the winners!

9u 11u
1st Place - New Lenox Rebels Black  1st Place - Il Celtics
2nd Place - Frankfort Force Blue 2nd Place - Ridge Beverly
3rd Place - Lincoln Way Prospects 3rd Place - Upper Deck Cougars


2016 Spring Classic 9u 2nd place Frankfort Force 9u Blue2016 Spring Classic 11u 3rd place Upper Deck Cougars2016 Spring Classic 9u 3rd place LW Prospects

by posted 05/22/2016
2016 FBB Raffle Winners
Congratulations to the following raffle winners!

Harper - Seller: Payton Harper
Harper - Seller: Payton Harper
Brian Shannon - Seller: Liam Shannon
Bickett - Seller: Conor Bickett
​J. Gritzenbach - Seller: Gritzenbach

Thank you to all those that participated!  
We truly appreciate the support you have given to Frankfort Baseball!

by posted 05/17/2016
2016 Spring Classic



Click here for the schedule, scores, rules, forms and field status information

by posted 05/15/2016
HEADS UP to Youth Sports

HEADS UP to Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The HEADS UP initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

Click here for more info

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New park district ordinance

The Frankfort Park District enacted an ordinance effective March 14, 2014, prohibiting the use and possession of tobacco products on park district fields. Please be aware of this and inform your families and friends that come to the park. 

by posted 04/03/2014
Baseball Bat Restrictions:

Baseball Bat Restrictions

Please be aware of the following bat restrictions Frankfort Baseball has adopted for the upcoming baseball season for all levels, in-house, Eagles and Force.  These restrictions are in place for the protection of our children participating this year, as well as years to come. 

1. No bats with a barrel greater than 2 1/4 for Shetland to Pinto Leagues. For all other leagues, nothing greater than 2 5/8th.

2. Any non-wood bat with a -3 drop must carry the BBCOR stamp.

3. Any bat with a drop greater that -3 must have the 1.15 stamp.

4. Colt through College, bats cannot be greater than 2 5/8ths, and must be wood, wood barreled, or BBCOR certified.

Only (-3) bats may be used and the bat must be BBCOR certified. The bat which may be a wood or non-wood product shall be not more than two and five-eights (2-5/8”) in diameter at the barrel and is to be stamped with a BPF .50. These are the rules for high school.

by posted 01/01/2014
Field Status
Borg Warner - Frankfort OPEN (8/24) 
Commissioners Park - C1 - Frankfort OPEN (8/24) 
Commissioners Park - C3 - Frankfort OPEN (8/24) 
Commissioners Park - C4 - Frankfort OPEN (8/24) 
Main Park - B - Frankfort TBD (8/24) 
Main Park - D - Frankfort TBD (8/24) 
Main Park - E - Frankfort TBD (8/24) 
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