2015 Season

2015 Season

We hope that starting to talk about baseball will push Mother Nature along in giving us the weather we all want and need.

We will be finishing up our managers meetings in the next couple of weeks and shortly thereafter will release the rosters for all teams on our website. When released, please visit www.frankfortbaseball.com and click on Teams/Schedules then select your league and team.  There you can find your roster, team contacts, practice/game schedules, games results, etc. throughout the season. 

One of the many features on our website is to notify you, via email or text, of upcoming games and practices.  Please review your member profile that you filled out when registering. Many of you registered months ago. Please update your email address and cell phone information if you wish to receive this info as well as any email blasts from our website including manager and team mom info.  One of the things you must do is to uncheck the No Email option in order to receive these notifications. To visit your profile, go to www.frankfortbaseball.com, click on Edit My Account towards the end of the left hand column and log in.  Next click on the name you wish to view/edit and update the info. 

Generally, practices begin in April and games begin in May and end by July 1st.  Frankfort Baseball provides a hat, jersey and socks to players in Shetland, I6, I7, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco leagues. Players are responsible for baseball pants and cleats.  Please wait until you are assigned a team before purchasing your pants. Pants may be purchased at Actions Sports. Action Sports is a proud supplier to Frankfort Baseball!


Pant Styles
A's Grey
Braves White
Cubs Pinstripe Royal
Mariners Grey
Marlins Pinstripe Black
Mets White
Phillies Pinstripe Red
Red Sox Grey
Royals Black 
White Sox Pinstripe Black


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2014 League Champions

Congratulations to the following 2014 League Champions



White Sox


Frankfort Gold


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New park district ordinance

The Frankfort Park District enacted an ordinance effective March 14, 2014, prohibiting the use and possession of tobacco products on park district fields. Please be aware of this and inform your families and friends that come to the park. 

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Actions Sports - Coupons
Proud Supplier to Frankfort Baseball! Serving the Frankfort Community for over 33 years!! Click here to download valuable coupons for making purchases this year!
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Baseball Bat Restrictions:

Baseball Bat Restrictions

Please be aware of the following bat restrictions Frankfort Baseball has adopted for the upcoming baseball season for all levels, in-house, Eagles and Force.  These restrictions are in place for the protection of our children participating this year, as well as years to come. 

1. No bats with a barrel greater than 2 1/4 for Shetland to Pinto Leagues. For all other leagues, nothing greater than 2 5/8th.

2. Any non-wood bat with a -3 drop must carry the BBCOR stamp.

3. Any bat with a drop greater that -3 must have the 1.15 stamp.

4. Colt through College, bats cannot be greater than 2 5/8ths, and must be wood, wood barreled, or BBCOR certified.

Only (-3) bats may be used and the bat must be BBCOR certified. The bat which may be a wood or non-wood product shall be not more than two and five-eights (2-5/8”) in diameter at the barrel and is to be stamped with a BPF .50. These are the rules for high school.

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Frankfort Baseball Address
Frankfort Baseball
P.O. Box 261
Frankfort, IL  60423
Field Status
Borg Warner - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Commissioners Park - C1 - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Commissioners Park - C2 - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Commissioners Park - C3 - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Commissioners Park - C4 - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Commissioners Park - C5 - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Commissioners Park - C6 - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Future Stars Baseball - Mokena OPEN (3/27) 
Hickory Creek - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Main Park - B - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Main Park - D - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Main Park - E - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Nationals Training Cente - Rockdale OPEN (3/27) 
Pro Sports Performance - Orland Park OPEN (3/27) 
Sandalwood 1 - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
Sandalwood 2 - Frankfort TBD (3/27) 
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